Installing FreeBSD over PXE

This time instead of installing FreeBSD from magnetic or optical media, I’ve installed it over network with the help of the instructions. For this installation, I’ve used my Arch GNU/Linux box to become server (TFTP server, DHCP server, NFS server). I downloaded the DVD of 8.0-BETA2 version, loop mounted it on my box, and exported it to my local network over NFS. Then I prepared the PXE root and started tftpd, dhcpd and nfs-server services. After this I booted my notebook over PXE and it received an IP address, and started executing pxeboot loader, but then it started giving RPC errors. I did a tcpdump (with udp filter) and noticed that it is expecting server to support NFS verison 1 whereas I’ve disabled version 1 and version 2 in mountd options. So I changed options of mountd and restarted nfs-server service and rebooted my notebook. And viola, it now booted with FreeBSD boot screen showing up πŸ™‚ . After this I got some errors about readonly filesystem which are expected. I logged-in as the root, loaded gjournal and reformatted / and /usr using newfs . Then I mounted them and extracted all tarballs one by one in DESTDIR, created /etc/fstab, basic rc.conf, etc. After this I unmounted the partitions and rebooted my notebook as usual from HDD and there I’m in 8.0-BETA2 installation. Enjoyed the whole experience. πŸ™‚


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