You’re retarded. You bet.

Hi Explosm team,

I'm a big fan of your comics, and you guys suck better than Electrolux :p.

Okay, here is a story I think you might like to feature in one of your comic:

Rishi  : Hey Ashish, whats up?
Ashish : Cool man, what about you?

Rishi  : awesome. By the way can you add me to your friend's list?
Ashish : Sorry, not possible man. I already have a guy named Rishi in my friends list.

Rishi  : WTF, so ?
Ashish : If I also added you to my friend's list, I'll get confused.

Rishi  : Dude, you're retarded.
Ashish : You bet :P.

Thank you very much :)

If in future, you notice a similar strip in Cyanide and Happiness, then you know who is the retard behind this.


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