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You’re retarded. You bet.

Hi Explosm team,

I'm a big fan of your comics, and you guys suck better than Electrolux :p.

Okay, here is a story I think you might like to feature in one of your comic:

Rishi  : Hey Ashish, whats up?
Ashish : Cool man, what about you?

Rishi  : awesome. By the way can you add me to your friend's list?
Ashish : Sorry, not possible man. I already have a guy named Rishi in my friends list.

Rishi  : WTF, so ?
Ashish : If I also added you to my friend's list, I'll get confused.

Rishi  : Dude, you're retarded.
Ashish : You bet :P.

Thank you very much :)

If in future, you notice a similar strip in Cyanide and Happiness, then you know who is the retard behind this.



Machines are always better than humans.

Deciding in excitement.

I failed at couple of things. There are couple of decisions I took which never met my expectations. Most of such decisions, I took while I was in excited state. In those decisions, I never trusted my intutions, which is sad esp. if you’ve read Blink. ‘You believe something but you don’t follow it’ sucks bigtime :(. And it is not that all decisions during excitement are bad. Some of the best things also happenend due to the decisions I took in excited state, like physically meeting this guy.

Even though I was feeling quite lazy to meet him, as he was staying in West Delhi, the opposite corner of the city, where I last visited 2-3 years ago despite a dozen of friends there 😦 . I don’t have any expectations from this meeting but then I thought I’ll have my GPG keys signed by him. So selfish of me :p . And when I reached the place, I’d to wait for an hour to see his face, feel his hands. While waiting I was feeling quite pissed off for visiting him, but the warmth of his hands (he was having fever 😦 ), the chat we’d and the free lunch (free as in free beer) I’d at his place made that feeling disappear…:) . The food was awesome, delicious. I still remember taste of it :p . And then after 2-3 days, when he signed my GPG keys, I felt honoured :). So, then I realized it is worth waiting for some geek and the good things (what is more good than someone trusting you by signing your GPG keys) will happen in excited state if you trust your intution.

So, I think intution is the factor which helps taking decisions in excited state. And it seems interesting to rely on something unknown like they did in Wedding Daze.