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10 REM This blog ends here.

Wadler’s Law

      In any language design, the total time spent discussing
      a feature in this list is proportional to two raised to
      the power of its position.

           0. Semantics
           1. Syntax
           2. Lexical syntax
           3. Lexical syntax of comments


RIP chateau.d.lf, RIP abbe

My desktop whom I used to address as chateau.d.lf in my pastes on internet died due to the failure of its CPU fan. CPU and its other parts are intact, but since CPU FAN replacement is costly for me, I’ve decided not to upgrade it 😦 . It was my life’s first (not zeroth) box. So, to commemorate it, I’ve decided to drop my nick abbe.

p.s. in case chateau.d.lf gets revived in future, so will abbe.

Hello world!

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