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FreeBSD Ports and other pending stuff

Recently some of users who use my ports contacted me with some issues they’re facing. If you know me from my FreeBSD ports, then please pardon me for not updating my ports yet. I was planning to do them last weekend, but due to a dragon^Wcatastrophe which caused my box chateau.d.if to feel hot again. And co-incidentally, around that time life had been sadomasochistic with me as well :(.

To fix the chateau.d.if, I decided it to relocate it to a new box Intel Core i7 950, a Intel DX58SO mobo, n GiBs of RAM and a graphics card, and the combo decided not to boot for me :(, and therefore needs a replacement.

And on top of that I’m overclocked (read as: overslept) these days, playing weird RPGs :(.

I’m hopeful, this abbe will regain his lost faith soon, and will commit all of his pending PRs, port updates as soon as he gets on his chateau.d.if.

Hopefully all of this will happen by the end of this week.

UPDATE (at 20101104 0300 UTC): I had a Superbad yesterday, didn’t get sleep for more than 36 hours and found that my mobo and CPU both are bad (highly rare, but common for me) and are sent for replacement. It’ll take a week for highly uncertain replacement to happen, courtesy: series of festivals 😦

UPDATE (at 20101112 2230 UTC): chateau.d.if is back, and so am I. I’ll try to finish all pending ports asap.


solang on FreeBSD

Submitted a PR for solang on FreeBSD.

UPDATE: Checkout graphics/solang.